Secret-Word by e-Abacus Diagram I

  • Awreng B. Mahmood Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences, University of Salahaddin, Iraq
  • Ammar S. Mahmood Department of Mathematics, University of Mosul, College of Education for pure science
Keywords: Partition Number, Abacus James Diagram


This experiment may be applied before with certain and special roles, but never applied under partition theory (Abacus James Diagram) conditions. Therefore, we would have to find an appropriate design for each character to enable us sending a word represented as increasing number with meaning only for beneficiaries.

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Mahmood, A. B., & Mahmood, A. S. (2019). Secret-Word by e-Abacus Diagram I. Iraqi Journal of Science, 60(3), 638-646. Retrieved from

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