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2024: Vol 65 No 4 (2024)

Synthesis and Characterization of some new heterocyclic derivatives from aromatic carbonyl ‎compounds and carboxylic acids with Evaluation some of them for biological activity

Shaima Ibraheem Al-Khazraji, Luma S. Ahamed, Rana Abid Ali
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Reactivation of Ramadi-Musaiyib Fault-Najd Faults System, Iraq

Ali Ramthan, Hussein Kh. Chlaib
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Coprime Factor Model Reduction of Multidimensional Systems

Fatimah Al-Taie, Ibtisam Kamil Hanan, Fadhel S. Fadhel, Hossam S. Abbas
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Evaluation of Chitosan Activity Produced Via Biotransformation of Chitin Against Some Pathogens Associated with Burn Infection in Vitro and in Vivo

Zaedoon Monaam, Khalid Jaber kadhum Luti
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Estimation of Stress - Strength Reliability for Parallel Redundant System Via Burr of type X Distribution

Mohammad I. Alwan, Nada S. Karam
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Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretations for Mishrif Formation in Kumait Oil Field, Using Seismic Reflection Data, Southern-Eastern Iraq

Rusul A. Khalel, Ali M. Al-Rahim
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Synthesis, Identification and Biological Activity Study of Some New Spiro-Isatin Derivatives

Farah N. Faisal, Rafid S. Dawood
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Investigating the Color Distribution of Young and Old Galaxies Using Observations from SDSS

Shahad M. Qasim, Hareth S. Mahdi
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The Influence of Biologically Synthesized Copper Nanoparticles on the Biofilm Produced by Staphylococcus haemolyticus 1solated from Seminal Fluid

Zahraa Mahmoud Romi, Mais Emad Ahmed
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Adsorption of the Color Pollutant onto NiO Nanoparticles Prepared by a New Green Method

Omar Sadiq Ali , Dunya Edan AL-Mammar
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P-Polyform Modules

Maria Mohammed Baher, Muna Abbas Ahmed
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Mining Deviations in Document Writing Style through Vector Dissimilarity

Nasreen J. Kadhim
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Effects of Oral Zinc Supplementation on Early Embryonic Development and Neonates of Aged Female Albino Mice

Amjed T. Al-Rudaini, Lina A. Salih, Saad S. Al-Dujaily
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Diagnostic Potential Role of CXCL3 and Leptin Levels in Breast Cancer

Abbas S. Neamah, Fadhel Mohammed Lafta
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Role of Genetic Variants AGT rs699 and ACE2 rs2106809 in Increasing the Risk and Severity of COVID-19 Infection in Iraqi Patients

Ghazwan Faisal Hussein, Ali Hmood Al Saadi
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Evaluation of the STAT1 mRNA expression in peripheral blood cells as a predictive marker of early pregnancy in Awassi ewes

Laith Sofian Younis, Saad Akram Hatif
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Assessment of Some Physiological, Immunological and Molecular Biomarkers in Sample of Iraqi Women Undergoing Caesarean Section and Normal Delivery

Huda Sajir Naser, Makarim Qassim Al-Lami, Haider Faisal Ghazi
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A Survey of Arabic Root Extraction Algorithms

Nisrean Jaber Thalji
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Credit Card Fraud Detection Challenges and Solutions: A Review

sumaya saad Sulaiman, Ibraheem Nadher, Sarab M. Hameed
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Classification of Brain Tumor Diseases Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning

Hadeel Moataz Al-Dabbas, Mohammed Salih Mahdi
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Serotyping of Syrian Uropathogenic Escherichia coli with Adhesion Genes FimH & PapGII

Naji Sayed, Hassan Salman, Zaher Samman Tahan
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