Effect of Adding Coumarin Dye on Physical Properties of Blend (PC-PS) Film

Dye doped Blend polymer


  • Mahasin F. Hadi Al-Kadhemy Prof. Dr.
  • Rawasi Ayad Al-Mousawi, MSC student
  • Farah Jawad Kadhum, Assist. Prof.


Pure blend (PC-PS) and doped blend films with various volume ratio of Coumarin dye were prepared by using casting method. The absorption and transmission spectra for these films were measured using UV/VIS spectrometer technique in order to assessment the type of transition which was found to be indirect transition. The optical energy gap of pure PC was (4.24) eV, pure PS was (4.39) eV, Coumarin dye was (4.08) eV, and pure blend was (4.1) eV. After doping blend with Coumarin dye; the energy gap decreases by (0.06) eV in volume ratio (12) ml. The results showed that absorption coefficient and refractive index affects by doping. When adding the Coumarin dye to the pure blend with different concentrations (12, 24, 36, and 48) ml, the FTIR spectrum will be affected by the disappearance of peaks and appears new peaks.


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Al-Kadhemy, M. F. H., Al-Mousawi, R. A., & Kadhum, F. J. (2020). Effect of Adding Coumarin Dye on Physical Properties of Blend (PC-PS) Film: Dye doped Blend polymer. Iraqi Journal of Science, 61(7), 1633–1644. Retrieved from https://ijs.uobaghdad.edu.iq/index.php/eijs/article/view/1380




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