EFFECT OF WHITE FLOWERS OF Chrysanthmum CineraiaefoliumPLANT EXTRACT ON Tribolium Castanum


  • Ali Mohammed Dept. of Biotechnology, College of Science, University of Baghdad. Baghdad-Iraq.




FLOWERS, Chrysanthmum , EXTRACT


The production , purification and determination of (Pyrethrin I, II) from the white
flowers of Chrysanthemum cineraiaefolium plant were performed. The results
obtained was (450 ml) as concentrated crude extract from using (25gm) powdered
flowers dissolved in (1300ml) hexane. This extract was divided in to three parts, the
first part (A) was the concentrated crude extract which have the yellow-greenish
colour, sticky and sharp odder, while the second part (B) was the (A) extract
dissolved in (methanol 80%) which have pale – yellow colure and the third part (C)
was the (B) extract with the activated charcoal, which was colourless extract. The
results of HPLC analysis for determination, purification and quantity assessment for
the three parts (A, B, C) were (73.33 %, 77.33 %, 91.41 % ) respectively, and the concentration rate of (Pyrethrin I) to (Pyrethrin II) reached nearly (70 and 30)
respectively for the (A, B, C) extracts. The biological activity test for the two
compound mentioned above was carried out as insecticide for repellence and killing
the flour beetles during different times (minutes) of treatment, using seven different
concentrations of this extracts. The results obtained show that when increasing of
the concentration and the time of treatment, the killing percentage was increased,
such as in the concentration { (1: 0.5) – (crude : alcohol) } during (10 minutes) was
98 % while, after (20 min) became 100%.


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