Classification of Brain Tumor Diseases Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning


  • Hadeel Moataz Al-Dabbas Department of Islamic Banking and Finance, College of Islamic Sciences, Aliraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Mohammed Salih Mahdi Business Information College, University of Information Technology and Communications, Baghdad, Iraq



Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Transfer Learning, Brain MRI Classification


     An accumulation of aberrant cells called a brain tumor is the outcome of unregulated cell division. Brain cancers can be found using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The exponential growth of deep learning networks has allowed us to tackle complex tasks, even in fields as complicated as medicine. However, using these models requires a large corpus of data for the networks to be highly generalizable and have high performance. This dearth of training data makes it critical to explore methods such as data augmentation. In this sense, data augmentation methods are widely used in strategies to train networks, and with small data sets being vital in medicine due to the limited access to data, this work aims to identify the best classification system by considering the prediction accuracy in this vein. Data augmentation is performed on the database and fed into the three convolutional neural network (CNN) models. A comparison line is drawn between the three models based on accuracy and performance on the Inception v3 models, Mobile Net V2, and Squeeze Net network for brain tumor detection and classifying 350 brain MR images. The statistical methods were modified in order to evaluate these algorithms. With 0.992% accuracy, 0.993% recall, 0.989% precision, and 0.994% F1 score, the Squeeze Net model performed the best. The Mobile Net V2 model, which had an accuracy of 0.964%, came next. When the research's findings were compared to those of related studies in the literature, they revealed better success rates than those of the majority of investigations.




Computer Science

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Classification of Brain Tumor Diseases Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning. (n.d.). Iraqi Journal of Science, 65(4).

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