Two-Component Generalization of a Generalized the Short Pulse Equation

  • Mohammed Allami Department of Mathematics, College of Education, Misan University, Misan, Iraq
Keywords: Generalized the short pulse equation, Two-component generalization, Lie symmetry analysis, Similarity reduction


     In this article, we introduce a two-component generalization for a new generalization type of the short pulse equation was recently found by Hone and his collaborators. The coupled of nonlinear equations is analyzed from the viewpoint of Lie’s method of a continuous group of point transformations. Our results show the symmetries that the system of nonlinear equations can admit, as well as the admitting of the three-dimensional Lie algebra. Moreover, the Lie brackets for the independent vectors field are presented. Similarity reduction for the system is also discussed.

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Allami, M. (2019). Two-Component Generalization of a Generalized the Short Pulse Equation. Iraqi Journal of Science, 60(8), 1760-1765.