Essentially Second Modules

  • Inaam Mohammed Ali Hadi 1Department of Mathematics, College of Education for Pure Sciences (Ibn-Al-Haitham) University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Farhan Dakhil Shyaa Department of Mathematics, College of Education, University of Al-Qadsiyah, Al-Qadsiyah, Iraq
  • Shukur Neamah Al-aeashi Department of Urban Planning, College of Physical Planning, University Of Kufa, Iraq
Keywords: second modules, prime module, essentially second modules


In this paper, as generalization of second modules we introduce type of modules namely (essentially second modules). A comprehensive study of this class of modules is given, also many results concerned with this type and other related modules presented.

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Hadi, I. M. A., Shyaa, F. D., & Al-aeashi, S. N. (2019). Essentially Second Modules. Iraqi Journal of Science, 60(6), 1374-1380.