Impact of Neutron Sources of Stellar Reactions on Fluorine Abundances




Nuclear Reactions, Stellar Physics, Thermonuclear Reactions, Nucleosynthesis, AGB stars


       There are many neutron sources in the universe that play an important role in the stellar slow neutron capture (s-process) nucleosynthesis. Fluorine-19 is a cosmically rare isotope that is generated in a series of reactions. The aim in this paper is to perform theoretical calculations to test the variance of neutron intensity generated within stellar conditions, especially in Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars, on the production of 19F isotope. EMPIRE II program has been utilized with the aid of many Matlab programs, and experimental comparisons have been made with NACRE II and Reaclib libraries. The results has shown that the high abundances of reactant nuclei responsible for ultimately generating 19F are consumed by neutron poisoning reactions that highly affect the final generation of 19F isotope. Also, the Seff and S(0) values for the reaction  have been approximately calculated in the present research.







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Impact of Neutron Sources of Stellar Reactions on Fluorine Abundances. (2023). Iraqi Journal of Science, 64(2), 984-993.

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