A Vehicle ID identification Architecture: A Parallel-Joining WSN Algorithm

  • Sami Hasan University of Newcastle alumnius, School of Electronics and Electrical, UK
  • Abdulhakeem Amer Al-Nahrain University , College of Information Engineering , Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: parallel-joining algorithm, Vehicle ID, real-time identification


Several remote sensor network (WSN) tasks require sensor information join. This in-processing Join is configured in parallel sensor hub to save battery power and limit the communication cost. Hence, a parallel join system is proposed for sensor networks. The proposed parallel join algorithm organizes in section-situated databases. A novel join method has been proposed for remote WSNs to limit the aggregate communication cost and enhance execution. This approach depends on two procedures; section-situated databases and parallel join algorithm utilized to store sensor information and speed up processing respectively. A segment arranged databases store information table in segmented shrewd. The Parallel-Joining WSN algorithm is effectively feasible for two clear reasons. Firstly, the decisive join conveyed fragments. Secondly, parallel-joining is in the fly processed sensor data. Creatively, a parallel dispersed algorithm has been developed to gain time compared to the single disseminated algorithm.

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Sami Hasan, & Abdulhakeem Amer. (2021). A Vehicle ID identification Architecture: A Parallel-Joining WSN Algorithm. Iraqi Journal of Science, 267-270. https://doi.org/10.24996/ijs.2021.SI.1.37