Some Properties of Fuzzy Inner Product Space

  • Jehad R. Kider Branch of Mathematics and Computer Applications, Department of Applied Sciences, University of Technology
Keywords: Fuzzy inner product space, Fuzzy orthogonal vectors, Fuzzy orthogonal Complement


     Our goal in the present paper is to introduce a new type of fuzzy inner product space. After that, to illustrate this notion, some examples are introduced. Then we prove that that every fuzzy inner product space is a fuzzy normed space. We also prove that the cross product of two fuzzy inner spaces is again a fuzzy inner product space. Next, we prove that the fuzzy inner product is a non decreasing function. Finally, if U is a fuzzy complete fuzzy inner product space and D is a fuzzy closed subspace of U, then we prove that U can be written as a direct sum of D and the fuzzy orthogonal complement    of D.

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Kider, J. R. (2021). Some Properties of Fuzzy Inner Product Space. Iraqi Journal of Science, (7), 2384-2392.