Plagiarism Detection Methods and Tools: An Overview


  • Farah Khaled Department of Computer Science, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Mohammed Sabbih H. Al-Tamimi Department of Computer Science, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq



Information and communication technologies, intelligent plagiarism, plagiarism detection, scientific papers, verbatim plagiarism


Plagiarism Detection Systems play an important role in revealing instances of a plagiarism act, especially in the educational sector with scientific documents and papers. The idea of plagiarism is that when any content is copied without permission or citation from the author. To detect such activities, it is necessary to have extensive information about plagiarism forms and classes. Thanks to the developed tools and methods it is possible to reveal many types of plagiarism. The development of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the availability of the online scientific documents lead to the ease of access to these documents. With the availability of many software text editors, plagiarism detections becomes a critical issue. A large number of scientific papers have already investigated in plagiarism detection, and common types of plagiarism detection datasets are being used for recognition systems, WordNet and PAN Datasets have been used since 2009. The researchers have defined the operation of verbatim plagiarism detection as a simple type of copy and paste. Then they have shed the lights on intelligent plagiarism where this process became more difficult to reveal because it may include manipulation of original text, adoption of other researchers' ideas, and translation to other languages, which will be more challenging to handle. Other researchers have expressed that the ways of plagiarism may overshadow the scientific text by replacing, removing, or inserting words, along with shuffling or modifying the original papers. This paper gives an overall definition of plagiarism and works through different papers for the most known types of plagiarism methods and tools.


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Computer Science

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