On Small Primary Modules

  • Adwia Jassim Abdul-AlKalik Directorate General of Education In Diyala, Ministry of Education, Diyala, Iraq
Keywords: Primary submodules, Primary modules, Small submodules, Small primary submodule, Small primary modules


Let  be a commutative ring with an identity and be a unitary -module. We say that a non-zero submodule  of  is  primary if for each with en either or  and an -module  is a small primary if   =  for each proper submodule  small in. We provided and demonstrated some of the characterizations and features of these types of submodules (modules).  

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Abdul-AlKalik, A. J. (2021). On Small Primary Modules. Iraqi Journal of Science, 62(4), 1307-1313. https://doi.org/10.24996/ijs.2021.62.4.26