Semi-T-Hollow Modules and Semi-T-Lifting Modules

  • Alaa A. Elewi College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Small submodules, T- small submodules, T- hollow modules, T- lifting modules


Let be an associative ring with identity and let be a unitary left -module. Let  be a non-zero submodule of .We say that  is a semi- - hollow module if for every submodule  of  such that  is a semi- - small submodule ( ). In addition, we say that  is a semi- - lifting module if for every submodule  of , there exists a direct summand  of  and  such that  

The main purpose of this work was to develop the properties of these classes of module.


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Elewi, A. A. (2021). Semi-T-Hollow Modules and Semi-T-Lifting Modules. Iraqi Journal of Science, (7), 2357-2361.