Concealing a Secret Message in a Colour Image Using an Electronic Workbench


  • Maisa'a Abid Ali Khodher Department of Computer Science/University of Technology-Iraq/Baghdad
  • Ashwaq Alabaichi Biomedical Engineering Department/College of Engineering/Karbala University



Steganography image, secret message, electronic workbench, key secret, synchronous time-division multiplexing


Steganography is the art of concealing security data in media, such as pictures, audio, video, text, and protocols. The objective of this paper is hiding a secret message in a colour image to prevent an attacker from accessing the message. This is important because more people use the Internet all the time and network connections are spread around the world. The hidden secret message uses two general algorithms that are embedded and extracted. This paper proposes a new algorithm to conceal a secret message in a colour image in LSB. This algorithm includes three phases: 1) dividing the colour image into a number of blocks, 2) concealing the secret message, and 3) transmitting the stego-image from the sender in a multiplexer network and receiving it through a demultiplexer network using an electronic workbench. The outcome of the new algorithm demonstrates good efficiency, high security, and robustness and is executed quickly. The system is evaluated through the measurements of mean square error, peak signal-to-noise ratio, correlation, histogram, and capacity.


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Khodher, M. A. A., & Alabaichi, A. . (2021). Concealing a Secret Message in a Colour Image Using an Electronic Workbench. Iraqi Journal of Science, 62(12), 4964–4977.



Computer Science