Investigation of transition symmetry shapes of 160-168Yb nuclei using IBM

  • Heiyam Najy Hady Department of Physics, College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa-Annajaf, Iraq
  • Mohsin Kadhim Muttalb Department of physics, College of Science, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq
Keywords: IBM-1, IBM-2, 160-168Yb, O(6)-SU(3) limits


The interacting boson models,  and  were used to perform a complete study  of even –even 160-168Yb isotopes .The low –lying positive parity states, dynamic symmetries, reduced electric quadrupole transition probability , quadruple  momentum , and potential energy surface  for 160-168Yb  were investigated. Energy level sequences and energy ratios showed the gradual transition of the properties of these nuclei from the γ-unstable features  to the rotational features . Adding the pairing parameter  to   Hamiltonian had a very slight effect on this feature, but it raised the β band, since it represents symmetry breaking such as in γ-unstable features . This applies to the experimental decay scheme  of 160-168Yb isotopes. In , proton and neutron quadruple deformation parameters  and  showed values equal to -1.24 and approximately 0.7, respectively, which supports the same idea in the interacting boson model . A contour plot of  the potential energy surface for 160-168Yb isotopes showed that the minimum potential occurs at approximately .

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Hady, H. N., & Muttalb, M. K. (2021). Investigation of transition symmetry shapes of 160-168Yb nuclei using IBM. Iraqi Journal of Science, 62(4), 1135-1143.