Complete Classification of Degree 7 for Genus 1

  • Peshawa M. Khudhur Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Scinence , Soran University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Tishk International University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Monodromy Groups, Genus one Systems, Primitive Groups


Assume that  is a meromorphic fuction of degree n where X is compact Riemann surface of genus g. The meromorphic function gives a branched cover of the compact Riemann surface X. Classes of such covers are in one to one correspondence with conjugacy classes of r-tuples (  of permutations in the symmetric group , in which  and s generate a transitive subgroup G of  This work is a contribution to the classification of all primitive groups of degree 7, where X is of genus one.

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Khudhur, P. M. (2021). Complete Classification of Degree 7 for Genus 1. Iraqi Journal of Science, 62(2), 594-603.