Analysis of the Petroleum System of Dima Oil Field by Using PetroMoD 1D

  • Haider A. F. Al-Tarim Oil Exploration Company, Ministry of Oil, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Petroleum System, PeroMod, Dima Oil Field


The study of petroleum systems by using the PetroMoD 1D software is one of the most prominent ways to reduce risks in the exploration of oil and gas by ensuring the existence of hydrocarbons before drilling.

     The petroleum system model was designed for Dima-1 well by inserting several parameters into the software, which included the stratigraphic succession of the formations penetrating the well, the depths of the upper parts of these formations, and the thickness of each formation. In addition, other related parameters were investigated, such as lithology, geological age, periods of sedimentation, periods of erosion or non-deposition, nature of units (source or reservoir rocks), total organic carbon (TOC), hydrogen index (HI) ratio of source rock units, temperature of both surface and formations as they are available, and well-bottom temperature.

     Through analyzing the models by the evaluation of the source rock units, the petrophysical properties of reservoir rock units, and thermal gradation with the depth during the geological time, it became possible to clarify the elements and processes of the petroleum system of the field of Dima. It could be stated that Nahr Umr, Zubair, and Sulaiy formations represent the petroleum system elements of Dima-1 well.

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Al-Tarim, H. A. F. (2021). Analysis of the Petroleum System of Dima Oil Field by Using PetroMoD 1D. Iraqi Journal of Science, 62(2), 526-531.