Shape Feature Extraction Techniques for Fruits: A Review

  • Israa Mohammed Hassoon Department of Mathematics, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad-Iraq
Keywords: Fruits, Shape Features, Classification, Feature Extraction


          Fruits sorting, recognizing, and classifying are essential post-harvest operations, as they contribute to the quality of food industry, thereby increasing the exported quantity of food. Today, an automated system for fruit classification and recognition is very important, especially when exporting to markets where quality of fruit must be high. In this study, the advantages and disadvantages of the various shape-based feature extraction algorithms and technologies that are used in sorting, classifying, and grading of fruits, as well as fruits quality estimation, are discussed in order to provide a good understanding of the use of shape-based feature extraction techniques.

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Hassoon, I. M. (2021). Shape Feature Extraction Techniques for Fruits: A Review. Iraqi Journal of Science, (7), 2425-2430.
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