Some Results on mX-N-connected Space

  • Ahmed A. Salih Ministry of Education, Directorate General of Education, Karkh /3 Baghdad, Iraq
  • Haider J. Ali Department of Mathematics, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: minimal structure, mX-N-open set, mX-N-connected space, mX-N-hyper connected space, mX-N-locally connected space, m-N-continuous


In this essay, we utilize m - space to specify mX-N-connected, mX-N-hyper connected and mX-N-locally connected spaces and some functions by exploiting the intelligible mX-N-open set. Some instances and outcomes have been granted to boost our tasks.

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Salih, A. A., & Ali, H. J. (2021). Some Results on mX-N-connected Space. Iraqi Journal of Science, 62(2), 604-612.