Specifying Quality of a Tight Oil Reservoir through 3-D Reservoir Modeling


  • Nagham Jasim Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Sameera M. Hamd-Allah Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Hazim Abass Halliburton and Colorado School of Mines, USA




Tight Reservoir, Static Model, Dynamic model, History matching, Reservoir Quality


Increasing hydrocarbon recovery from tight reservoirs is an essential goal of oil industry in the recent years. Building real dynamic simulation models and selecting and designing suitable development strategies for such reservoirs need basically to construct accurate structural static model construction. The uncertainties in building 3-D reservoir models are a real challenge for such micro to nano pore scale structure. Based on data from 24 wells distributed throughout the Sadi tight formation. An application of building a 3-D static model for a tight limestone oil reservoir in Iraq is presented in this study. The most common uncertainties confronted while building the model were illustrated. Such as accurate estimations of cut-off permeability and porosity values. These values directly affect the calculation of net pay thickness for each layer in the reservoir and consequently affect the target of estimating reservoir initial oil in place (IOIP). Also, the main challenge to the static modeling of such reservoirs is dealing with tight reservoir characteristics which cause major reservoir heterogeneity and complexities that are problematic to the process of modeling reservoir simulation. Twenty seven porosity and permeability measurements from Sadi/Tanuma reservoir were used to validate log interpretation data for model construction. The results of the history matching process of the constructed dynamic model is also presented in this paper, including data related to oil production, reservoir pressure, and well flowing pressure due to available production.


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Jasim, N., Hamd-Allah, S. M., & Abass, H. (2020). Specifying Quality of a Tight Oil Reservoir through 3-D Reservoir Modeling. Iraqi Journal of Science, 61(12), 3252–3265. https://doi.org/10.24996/ijs.2020.61.12.14




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