Dual of Extending Acts

  • Shaymaa Amer Abdul Kareem Department of Mathematics, College of Basic Education, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Coextending acts, Extending acts, Essential subacts, Coessential subacts, Closed subacts, Coclosed


Since 1980s, the study of the extending module in the module theory has been a major area of research interest in the ring theory and it has been studied recently by several authors, among them N.V. Dung, D.V. Huyn, P.F. Smith and R. Wisbauer. Because the act theory signifies a generalization of the module theory, the author studied in 2017 the class of extending acts which are referred to as a generalization of quasi-injective acts. The importance of the extending acts motivated us to study a dual of this concept, named the coextending act. An S-act MS is referred to as coextending act if every coclosed subact of Ms is a retract of MS where a subact AS of MS is said to be coclosed in MS if whenever the Rees factor â„ is small in the Rees factor â„then AS=BS for each subact BS of AS. Various properties of this class of acts have been examined. Characterization of this concept is intended to show the behavior of a coextending property. In addition, based on the results obtained by us, the conditions under which subacts inherit a coextending property were demonstrated. Ultimately, a part of this paper

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