Fog-based Spider Web Algorithm to Overcome Latency in Cloud Computing


  • ABDUL RASHID DAR St Joseph's College
  • D Ravindran
  • Shahidul Islam



Cloud Computing, Delay-time, Latency, VMware, Workloads


The cloud-users are getting impatient by experiencing the delays in loading the content of the web applications over the internet, which is usually caused by the complex latency while accessing the cloud datacenters distant from the cloud-users. It is becoming a catastrophic situation in availing the services and applications over the cloud-centric network. In cloud, workload is distributed across the multiple layers which also increases the latency. Time-sensitive Internet of Things (IoT) applications and services, usually in a cloud platform, are running over various virtual machines (VM’s) and possess high complexities while interacting. They face difficulties in the consolidations of the various applications containing heterogenetic workloads. Fog computing takes the cloud computing services to the edge-network, where computation, communication and storage are within the proximity to the end-user’s edge devices. Thus, it utilizes the maximum network bandwidth, enriches the mobility, and lowers the latency. It is a futuristic, convenient and more reliable platform to overcome the cloud computing issues. In this manuscript, we propose a Fog-based Spider Web Algorithm (FSWA), a heuristic approach which reduces the delays time (DT) and enhances the response time (RT) during the workflow among the various edge nodes across the fog network. The main purpose is to trace and locate the nearest f-node for computation and to reduce the latency across the various nodes in a network. Reduction of latency will enhance the quality of service (QoS) parameters, smooth resource distribution, and services availability. Latency can be an important factor for resource optimization issues in distributed computing environments. In comparison to the cloud computing, the latency in fog computing is much improved.


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DAR, A. R., Ravindran, D. ., & Islam, S. . (2020). Fog-based Spider Web Algorithm to Overcome Latency in Cloud Computing. Iraqi Journal of Science, 61(7), 1781–1790.



Computer Science