Locating Drainage Pattern for Qaraqosh Valley by Merging ETM+ withSPOT Satellite Image.


  • Ahmed Aqeel Water Resources Studies Center for Northern Region Projects, Ministry of Water Resources, Iraq




image processing, , convolution filter, merging image, Brovy transform, ETM+.


To perform a good interpretation and spatial analysis for remote sensing data like
satellites images, it is better to enhanced these images by using Image Processing
techniques. In the same time to make good interpretation for any study area it is
better to collect more than one data about this study area. In this research the study
area located in Qaraqosh District in Southern East of Mosul city north Iraq. Two
remote sensing data are collected about this area; spectral bands of Enhanced
Thematic Mapper Plus sensor (ETM+) Landsat 7 satellite, and panchromatic band of
SPOT satellite. The spectral bands of Landsat 7 satellite with high spectral
resolution (8 bands) with spatial resolution 28.5 meter. While panchromatic band
of SPOT satellite consider as high spatial resolution (10 meter). The merging
technique which applied in this search are called Brovey transformation. The side
effect of this merging caused blurring in merged image. To enhance this blurring,
convolution filter has been performed. Finally the enhanced merged image (with
high spectral and spatial resolution image) is ready to interpretation and


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Remote Sensing

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Locating Drainage Pattern for Qaraqosh Valley by Merging ETM+ withSPOT Satellite Image. (2024). Iraqi Journal of Science, 53(4Appendix), 1175-1180. https://doi.org/10.24996/ijs.2012.53.4Appendix.%g

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