Biochemical and demographical study of lipid profile in sera of patientswith gallstone


  • Narjis Al-Saadi Department of Chemistry,College of Science ,Karbala University,Karbala,Iraq.
  • Sabah Al-Ardhi Department of Chemistry,College of Science,Kofa University,Alnajaf,Iraq.



gallbladder, , gallstone, , lipid profile test


Thirty patients with gallstone [aged 25-55 years]and thirty age-and sex-matched
healthy subjects as control group were involved. Those patients were intended to
undergo surgical removal of gallbladder in the surgical ward- Al Sadder Teaching
Hospital and AL-Hakeem Hospital in Najaf city during the period from July/2009 to
December /2009. The proportion of female was [86%] compared to the male t
[14%]. The ratio of female: male was 5:1. Blood samples were obtained from all
patients prior to surgery. Serum was obtained by usual methods and analyzed for
lipid profile test [total cholesterol [TC], triglyceride [TG], high density lipoprotein-
cholesterol [HDL-C], low density lipoprotein cholesterol [LDL-C] and very low
density lipoprotein cholesterol [VLDL-C]}. The results showed that there were no
significant differences between gallstone patients and control regarding HDL-C
[p>0.05] but there was highly significant [p<0.05] difference in the concentrations
of total cholesterol [TC], triglyceride [TG] and VLDL-C comparing with the control
group. The study also showed that the sex has a significant effect [p<0.05] on the
levels of TC, LDL-C, and VLDL-C in sera of patients with gallstone whereas, non
significant sex variation had found with respect to HDL-C level. On the other hand,
it was also found that there was a significant p<0.05 ] age variations with respect to
serum levels of TC, TG and VLDL-C with effect with respect to both HDL-C and
LDL-C levels in sera of patient with gallstone. Additionally, all items of lipid panel
found to be significantly [p<0.05] varied with respect to the BMI. Similarly,
smoking was found to be important cause and revealed a significant [p<0.05]
difference regarding all parameters- but not LDL-C of lipid components.
The objective of this study was to estimate the serum lipid profile, in sera of patients
with gallstone and investigate their relationship with demographic factors.


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