ET-Coessential and ET-Coclosed submodules

  • Firas sh. Fandi Mathematics Department, College of Education for Pure Sciences, University Of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq
  • Sahira M. Yaseen Mathematics Department, College of Science University of Baghdad, Baghdad,Iraq
Keywords: ET-small submodule, ET-coessential submodule, ET- coclosed submodule


Let M be an R-module, where R be a commutative;ring with identity. In this paper, we defined a new kind of submodules, namely; ET-coessential and ET-Coclosed submodules of M. Let T be a submodule of M. Let K  H  M, K  is called  ET-Coessential of H in M (K⊆ET.ce H), if     . A submodule H is called ET- coclosed in M of H has no proper coessential submodule in M, we denote by  (K⊆ H) , that is, K⊆ET.ce H implies that   K = H. In our work, we introduce;some properties of ET-coessential and ET-coclosed submodules of M.

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Fandi, F. sh., & Yaseen, S. M. (2019). ET-Coessential and ET-Coclosed submodules. Iraqi Journal of Science, 60(12), 2706-2710.