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Self-Interference Cancellation Techniques for In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Communication Systems: A Review

Hala A. Naman, A.E. Abdelkareem
6292- 6315
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Investigating the Antioxidant and Apoptosis Inducing Effects of Biologically Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Against Lymphoma Cells in Vitro

Ahmed Ali Alazzawi, Abdulameer Naseer Ghaloub, Laith Ahmed Yaaqoob
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Association of SCARB1 Gene Expression with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Progression in a Sample of Iraqi Patients

Minarose Nabeel Mohamed, Maha Fakhry Altaee
4404- 4414
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Utilization of an eco-friendly bioactive yellow pigment from Streptomyces thinghirensis AF7 for making colored antimicrobial fabrics

Afnan R. A. Al-Tekreeti, Khalid Jaber Kadhum Luti
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Investigation of the Association of Oral Infections with Diabetes Mellitus

Esraa A. Aljubouri, Mouruj A. Alaubydi
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Depositional Framework and Stratigraphic Sequence of Early – Middle Miocene succession in Balad and East Baghdad oil fields, Central Iraq

Noor Ahmed Noori AL- Yassery, Aiad Ali Hussien Al-Zaidy
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Climate Parameter Uses as Indices For Assessment of Climate Change and Water Balance in Erbil Sub-Basin North –Iraq

Masoud Hussein Hamed
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Hydraulic Parameters for the Euphrates Aquifer in the Southern Part of Haditha district, Al-Anbar Governorate

Ali M. AL-Dulaimi, Ayser M. Al- Shammaa
4538- 4556
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e*-Extending Modules

Hiba R. Baanoon, Wasan Khild
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Existence and Qualitative Property of Differential Equation with Delayed Arguments

Aqeel Falih Jaddoa, Bashar Ahmed Jawad Sharba
4669- 4686
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2-Quasi-prime modules

Fatima Dhiyaa Jasem, Alaa A. Elewi
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Towards Solving Fractional Order Delay Variational Problems Using Euler Polynomial Operational Matrices

Hasnaa Fiesal Mohammed Hussien, Osama Hammed Mohammed
4693- 4703
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Adenosine Deaminase and Guanine Deaminase: The Potential Role in Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Ali W. Al-Ani
4930- 4941
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Investigation The Effect of Pfizer , AstraZeneca , and Sinopharm Vaccines Against SARS-CoV-2 in Iraq Using Cluster of Differentiation 4 (CD4 ) and Vitamin D3

Zoubaida Kh. Ibraheem, Raghad H. AL-azzawy
5011- 5020
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Optimize and Purification of Keratinase Produced from Local Aspergillus Terreus A13 Isolate Using A Feather as Substrate

Ali J. R. Al-Sa'ady
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Response of Two Rosa sp. to Light Quality in Vitro.

Layth Sareea Al-Rekaby
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Analysis of Longitudinal Electroexcitation for Positive and Negative Parity States of 36,40Ar Nuclei Using Different Model Spaces

A. A. Abdulhasan, Z. A. Dakhil
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3D Resistivity Imaging Investigation for Engineering Construction Project Studies at Al-Muthana Airport in Baghdad, Iraq

Murtadha M. Zghair, Manal Sh. Al-Kubaisi, Hussein H. Karim
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Biostratigraphy of Hartha Formation from Selected Wells in Nasiriyah Oil Field, Southern Iraq

Anwar K. Mousa, Luay S. Shakir
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Genetic and Phenotypic Variations in Phenylthiocarbamide Bitter Taste Receptors in Iraqi Population

Amer Nubgan
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An Evolutionary-Based Mutation With Functional Annotation to Identify Protein Complexes Within PPI Networks

Mustafa Abdulhussein Kadhim, Rawaa Dawoud Al-Dabbagh
6316- 6327
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Machine Learning Approach for Facial Image Detection System

Hind Moutaz Al-Dabbas, Raghad Abdulaali Azeez, Akbas Ezaldeen Ali
6328- 6341
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SMS Spam Detection Using Multiple Linear Regression and Extreme Learning Machines

Zuhair Hussein Ali, Hayder Mahmood Salman, Alaa Hassan Harif
6342- 6351
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