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Anti-cancer and Antioxidant Activities of Some New Synthesized Mannich Bases Containing an Imidazo (2, 1-B) Thiazole Moiety

Mais Saad Hussein, Naeemah Al-Lami
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Evaluation of Lipocalin-2 and Vaspin Levels in In Iraqi Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Baydaa Ahmed Abed, Ghada Salam Hamid
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Bacterial Biodegradation of Congo Red Dye Using Local Bacterial Isolates

Duha Bahaa Mohammed Al-Fayaad, Saad Hussein Khudhair
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Influence of Distance and Argon Flow rate on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacteria Exposed to Non thermal Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure

Ibrahim Karim Abbas
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Synthesis and Characterization of Ni2O3 as a Phase of Nickel Oxide Nanomaterial

Nagham Ali Hussein, Nathera Abass Ali
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Hydrothermal Process to Prepare Novel Phase Titanium Sub-Oxide Ti6O11 from Nano Rutile Titanium Dioxide Particles with Different Autodave Reactors

Mohanad Q. Fahem, Thamir A.A. Hassan
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Improve Wettability of Polycaprolactone (PCL) /Chitosan of Wound Dressings by Plasma Jet

Ali H. Mohsen, Nadia A. Ali
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Study of Rod-Plate DC Discharge Plasma Characteristics at Atmospheric-Pressure

Murad M. Kadhim, Thamir H. Khalaf , Qusay A. Abbas
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Hydrogeochemistry of the Umm er Radhuma Unconfined Aquifer, Western Desert Iraq- Saudi border

Weam Hassan Kadum
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Comparison of Three Electrical Resistivity Arrays to Investigate Weak Zones in Soil, Along a Profile Southeast Baghdad City, Iraq

Hussein Abdulrahim Al-Saady, Hussein H. Karim, Firas H. AL-Menshed
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Biostratigraphyand Paleoenvironments of Benthic Foraminifera From Lower Part of the Damlouk Member, Western Desert, Iraq

Basim Al-Qayim, Imad Ghafor
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Depositional Environment and Stratigraphic Evolution of Hartha Formation in Balad and East Baghdad Oil Fields, Central Iraq

Aliya Sadoon Ismail, Midhat E. Nasser, Ghazi H. Al-Sharaa
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Hydrochemical Evaluation of the Tigris River from Kut to Amara sites, Iraq

Hala Mohammed Al-Sekar, Moutaz Al-Dabbas
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Climatic Water Balance and Groundwater Recharge in Abu-Jir Village, Al-Anbar Governorate, Western Iraq

Alaa Mustafa Saeed Al-Dulaimi, Qusai Y. Al-Kubaisi
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Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Environment of the Shiranish Formation, Duhok region, Northern Iraq

Hamid A. A. Alsultan, Mohammed L. Hussein, Mohanad R. A. Al-Owaidi, Amer J. Al-Khafaji, Mahdi A. Menshed
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Paleoclimatic Insights on the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in Central Iraq, Based on Calcareous Nannofossils, Ostracoda and Geophysical Data

Ibrahim Y. Al-Shareefi, Omar A. Al-Badrani, Bashar A. Al-Juraisy
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New Generalizations of Soft LC-Spaces

Haider Juber Ali, Sabiha I. Mahmood
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Semisimple Modules Relative to A Semiradical Property

Entisar Ahmed Mohammad Al - Dhaheri , Bahar Hamad Al - Bahrani
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The Analytic Solutions of Nonlinear Generalized Pantograph Differential Equations of Higher Order Via Coupled Adomian-Homotopy Technique

Khalid Hammood AL-Jizani
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γ– algebra of Sets and Some of its Properties

Ibrahim S. Ahmed , Hassan H. Ebrahim , Ali Al-Fayadh
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Jordan generalized Γ- (σ,τ) -Derivation on Prime Γ-Near Rings

Ali Kareem Kadhim
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Numerical Determination of Thermal Conductivity in Heat Equation under Nonlocal Boundary Conditions and Integral as Over specified Condition

Sara Salim Weli, M. S. Hussein
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Optimal Harvesting Strategy of a Discretization Fractional-Order Biological Model

Sadiq Al-Nassir
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Pointwise Estimates for Finding the Error of Best Approximation by Spline, Positive Algebraic Polynomials and Copositive

Nada Zuhair
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Secure Location Privacy Transmitting Information on Cellular Networks

Bashar M. Nema, Shatha J. Mohammed
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Detection and Classification of The Osteoarthritis in Knee Joint Using Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Huthaifa A. Ahmed, Emad A. Mohammed
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The Urban Expansion Impact on Climate Change for the City of Baghdad

Yusra K. H. Moussa, Abdelwehab A. Alwehab
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