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2024: Vol 65 No 6 (2024)

Assessment of Malondialdehyde and Soluble α-Klotho Serum Levels in Iraqi Acromegaly Patients

Areej Sh. Hameed, Baydaa A. Abed, Osama A. Mahdi, Abbas M. Rahmah
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Some Games Via (D, DL) Compact Topological Groups

Afraa R. Sadek, R. B. Esmaeel
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Fusion Images Techniques for Motion Pixel in A blurred Image

Nawras badeaa mohammed, Haidar J. Mohamad, Heba Kh. Abbas
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Submerged Surface Area and Water Storage Volume of Hamrin Dam Lake Using Contour Lines

Ruba Yousif Hussain
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The Association of DAZ1 Gene Deletion with Azoospermia in Iraqi InfertileMen

Ameen Haider Ahmed, Maha Fakhry Altaee
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A New Technique for Solving A Fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olever Equation

Mustafa S. Hamdi, Samer R. Yaseen, Raheam A. Al-Saphory, El Hassan Zerrik
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The Association of Gluten-Free Diet and Liver Function in Iraqi Patientswith Celiac Disease

Zahraa Amer Mohammed, Nada A. Kadhim
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inhibitory effect of manganese nanoparticles synthesized by prodigiosin against the clinical isolate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

noor jabbar
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Morphometric Measurements of the Euphrates Soft-shelled Turtle, Rafetus euphraticus,, in the Central Marshes, Iraq

Samer A. Taher, Hind S. Abdulhay
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New Methodology to Predict Basin or Intrusion from Gravity Data, A Machine Learning Approach

Ali M. Al-Rahim, Ahmed A. Al-Rahim
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Telescope Mirror Cleaning Using Atmospheric Pressure Multi-Channel Radio Frequency Plasma Jet

Waleed Ibrahim Yaseen, Duraid A. Al-Shakarchi
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Measurement of Some Inflammatory Biomarkers and Genotyping of GramNegative Bacteria Isolated from Acute Leukemia Patients

Mustafa Suhel Mustafa, Rana Mujahid Abdullah
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Detecting The Best Relationship Optimizing between Drug Dealers and End Users Following Networking Techniques in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Asmaa S. Qasim, K. Mashie Al Ramahee
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Efficient Computational Methods for Solving the One-Dimensional Parabolic Equation with Nonlocal Initial and Boundary Conditions

Majeed A. AL-Jawary, Othman Mahdi Salih
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Using Remote Sensing Techniques and Geographic Information Systems in    Changes Detection of Marsh Al Dalmaj Period 2000-2017 and Its Impact on Some Engineering Properties

Zainab D. Hassan, Shatha F. Hassan
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The Optimal Harvesting Strategy of A Discretized Stage-Structured Prey-Predator Fractional Model with Crowley-Martin Functional Response

Wala’a A. Mahdi, Sadiq Al-Nassir
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Spatial Distributions of AQI, PM2.5, Relative Humidity, Speed, and Temperature in Twenty-Two Towns in Nigeria

Francis Olawale Abulude, Baig Abdullah Al Shoumik, Matthew Ojo Oluwafemi, Kikelomo Mabinuola Arifalo, Jamok Jacob Elisha, Abigail Oluwakemi Feyisetan
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Role of Hematopoietic Growth Factors as Immune Modulators (GM-CSF & IL-3) in Newly Diagnosed Colorectal Cancer Patients and their Correlation with P53 Expression and Global DNA Methylation

Dalya F. Ahmed, Rakad M. Kh AL-Jumaily
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Fully Polyform Modules and Related Concepts

Maria Muhammad, Muna Abbas Ahmed
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9100/JIRA/Microfacies Characterization of Calcareous Crusts and Pleistocene Moghrebian Strata in the Coastal Basin of Tarfaya (Morocco): Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Implications

Fatima Jira, Abdallah Lakhouili
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Analyze a Temperature and MHD Peristaltic Flow of Jeffrey Fluid through a Porous Wavechannel in a Rotating Frame

Dheia G. Salih Al-Khafajy, Anaam Mahdi Abbas Al-Kelabiy
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Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of New Ethers, 1,3-Diazetidene-4-One and Thiazolidine-4-one Derivatives Containing Imidazobenzothiazole

zeena alamery
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