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2024: Vol 65 No 7 (2024)

Determining the Genetic Markers of Schizophrenia using Molecular Diagnosis

Haneen M. Ismaeel, Hayba Badro, Ali Q. Khazaal, Najwa Shihab Ahmed
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Frame-Based Change Detection Using Histogram and Threshold to Separate Moving Objects from Dynamic Background

Hala A. Jasim, Loay E. George, Mohammed I. Abd-almajied
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A Comparison Study of Cryopreservation of Seminal Fluid between Flinders Technology Associates (FTA-card) and Swab for Multiplex Short Tandem Repeats (STR) Analysis

Dhuha Salim Namaa, Thooalnoon Younes Al-Janabi, Halah Khalid Ibrahim Al-Sammarraie, Asia Abd-Alatief Mahdi, Haider K. AL-Rubai
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Up-Regulation of microRNA-34a in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Wissam L. Abdullah, Reema M. Abed
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The Prevalence of Pks Genotoxin Among Klebsiella Pneumoniae Isolated from Different Clinical Samples in Baghdad, Iraq

Mustafa Jasim Mohammed, Suhad Saad Mahmood
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2D Seismic Structural Study of the Area Between Halfaya, Noor and Amara Oil Fields, Southeastern Iraq

Bakr Samar Al-Azzawi, Kamal K. Ali
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Slope Stability Analysis Some Selected Sites at  Bajalia Anticline in  Missan Governorate, Eastern Iraq

Jaffar H.Ali Al-Zubaydi, Ahmed S. Al-Turaihi
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Stability and Hopf Bifurcation of a Delayed Prey-Predator System with Fear, Hunting Cooperative, and Allee Effect

Karrar Qahtan Al-Jubouri, Raid Kamel Naji
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On SAS-Injective Rings

Heba Hadi Chyad, Akeel Ramadan Mehdi
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Application of Electrical Resistivity Sounding in delineation of the Aquifer Transmissivity and Basement Structure at Igarra, Southwestern Nigeria

Felix Iwebunor Chinyem, Glory Ovwamuedo, Taofiq Adebowale Adeleke
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Synthesis, Identification, and Biological Activity Investigation of New Pyrazolines Derived from Vanillin

Raniah T. Ali, Rafid S. Dawood
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Immunopathogenesis of Lung in Fatal COVID-19 Cases in Erbil, Iraq

Taban Kamal Rasheed , Zahra Abdulqader Amin, Tuqa Yousif Sharef, Lana Sardar Saleh
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Adsorption of Brilliant Scarlet 3r dye  onto  Corn Silk as Agricultural Waste in Neutral Medium

Dunya Edan AL-Mammar
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An Advanced Approach for Predicting ROP Stages: Deep Learning Algorithms and Belief Function Technique

Nazar Salih, Mohamed Ksantini, Nebras Hussein, Donia Ben Halima, Ali Abdul Razzaq, Sohaib Ahmed
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Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum ß-Lactamases (ESBLs) and AmpC ß-Lactamases in Clinical Isolates of Multiple Drug-Resistant Escherichia coli

Halah M.H. Al-Hasani, Dalal S. Al-Rubaye, Alyaa Abdelhameed
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Lie Ideals with Multiplicative Homomultipliers on Near-Rings

Enaam Farhan
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Optimizing Spatial Accuracy for Photogrammetric Processing of Drone-based 3D Mapping

Mustafa A. Mahmood, Nawal K. Ghazal, Faleh H. Mahmood
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Evaluation of the Impacts of Pesticides Exposure in Different Durations on the Neural System and Antioxidants in Iraqi Farmers

Haneen Abdulsalam, Maan Abdul Azeez, Jamela Jouda
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